If the Mine Were In Your Backyard — Wausau   Leave a comment

mine over wausau

Here you go, MWers…this is what the proposed iron mine would look like if it were smack-dab in the middle of Wausau.

Take a look at the size of the land mass it covers…now imagine this in the middle of Northern WI’s pristine wilderness…among rivers, streams and wetlands…and try to imagine the impact.

The bill — essentially written by the mining company —  fails in its jobs claim, and if the jobs do come, they won’t be even seen in a year or two.  Per the bill’s author, environmental protections will be rolled back.  And new, relaxed rules would severely restrict local control and transfer an unfair cost burden to local municipalities and tax payers.

Now ask yourself — having rejected high-speed rail, which would have lowered dependence on fossil fuel and brought many jobs…having rejected Medicare funds, which would keep a health-care safety net under those who desperately need it and would have brought many jobs…balanced against all the things related to the mine project noted above, is this the direction we want to go ? is this ‘Forward‘ ???


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