Middle Wisconsin Newsletter — August 2012   1 comment

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  1. Thank you for spending the time and effort to offer your blog. I live in the Fond du Lac area, and its refreshing to see others who read and keep up with the issues that effect them.
    Tom Petri runs unopposed this November, though he still sends out fundraising mailers. They can pocket what’s left over after campaign expenses!
    Tom’s net worth has recently multiplied several times, as his seniority on committees draws all sorts of money influence. He’s worth $28 million last I heard.
    Somehow this seems to have strayed from the original Republican Party, formed in his district some 150 years ago in Ripon. Party of Lincoln?
    What about his membership in the Council of Foreign Relations, which he or the media never wants to mention? Is his allegience more with Britain or the United States?
    I think Robert LaFollette could see these conflicts, as could FDR. That’s why I view myself as a Democrat of the progressive persuasion.

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