Progressive Radio comes to North-Central Wisconsin   2 comments

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to 1230 The Voice for providing Progressive viewpoints for North-Central WI !  Tune in, check it out, and be sure to thank them and let them know you’re listening !

From their facebook page :

Check out 1230 The Voice and our new daytime programs! Stephanie Miller from 9 a.m.-noon, Ed Schultz from noon-3 p.m. and Thom Hartmann from 3 to 6 p.m. The best in progressive talk and if you have friends who are fans of these hosts please let them know about the new 1230 The Voice lineup! Plus, listen live online at!

1230 The Voice contact info


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2 responses to “Progressive Radio comes to North-Central Wisconsin

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  1. This is excellent news for those who think. Finally, a small inroad into the deepest darkest depths of Wisconsin.

    I would give a dollar to see the heads of the wingnuts swell with anger when they listen to the first five minutes of Stephanie Miller. Especially if they are making fart jokes about santorum or mocking that corpulent bag of blubber, Rush Limbaugh.

    Hopefully, advertisers will quickly recognize the money-making potential of placing a commercial on progressive stations.

  2. After years of my Wausau relatives being forced to listen to me (in Dane County) yapping on and on about these fabulous shows, they can listen to Stephanie, Ed, and Thom with their own ears!!! … YAY! … am hoping this voice of sanity will be discovered quickly by thousands of good citizens, give you all hope, and inspire activism on a gigantic scale!

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