Oppose the Changes to Mining Regulations   1 comment

Copper Falls State Park, near where a very controversial mine is being proposed in Northern Wisconsin.

by Jody Maier

One of the first life lessons I recall is that we require food, water, and shelter to live. Now grown I am firm in my knowledge that without clean air, water, and soil none of the spoils of life matter. As a business manager I know the responsibility of job creation. Job creation should never come at the expense of the environment because WE are part of the environment and when our air, water, and land are spoiled we are the creatures that suffer.

Those that propose the mine and changes to regulations stand only to gain and will avoid all degradation. They will profit in dollars while we will suffer losses. They propose changes in protections placed by our ancestors; protections for us. Will we throw away the wisdom of our elders? Will we be stewards of the gift we’ve been given? Unless we are vigilant we will lose our Eden so that a few will profit.

We need to recall the lessons of our youth and protect our home for those that descend from us. Please write to your State Assemblyperson and State Senator to keep all current safeguards in place. If the current mine proposal is the right thing to do then it will stand up to the rigorous standards that are currently in place. Do not let outside interest’s compromise our values and cheat the system by buying legislators WE voted in. Stand up and be heard.

Jody Maier is a son of Wisconsin born and raised in the greater Wausau area. He enjoys the company of family and friends and communing with nature.


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