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EDITOR: I recently spent a few hours collecting signatures on Grand Avenue in Wausau for the recall Walker effort. It was cold, foggy and misting. Maybe you had a chance to stop and sign; maybe you rolled down your window to shout a word of encouragement; or maybe you didn’t.

Maybe you gave me the finger today, although in all likelihood you do not know me.

Maybe you were the woman that drove in the gutter in an obvious attempt to splatter me and my colleagues with slush, or the man that slowed down to tell us to “get a job.”

So who am I, you ask? I am a fellow Wisconsinite, proud of the state that I choose to call home, a state that used to value education and used to care for the poor not only when it was financially prudent. A state that would never think of allowing BadgerCare to expire for tens of thousands and denying health care for children who had nothing to do with the economic downturn.

Next time you drive by people collecting signatures and call them names and give them the finger, realize this: They are people like me, doing what they think is best for the state of Wisconsin. We will not stand down in the defense of people who have the least voice in society because we are insulted. Quite to the contrary, I find it further evidence that I am on the right side of the current discourse.

Matt Powers,


Originally posted at Wausau Daily Herald Online — feel free to leave a nice comment there 🙂


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