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post by nathan k

My good friend Jody, when asked about his involvement in politics and in Middle Wisconsin, likes to say ‘I speak for the trees, and the wild things, the birds, the land…they cannot speak for themselves, so we must speak for them, stand up for them.’ The iron-mine legislation proposed by the current power-mad legislature is the most pressing reason to stand up and speak for the tress and the wild things, and also to link our arms with our brothers and sisters just to the north, in the communities just south of Lake Superior that are threatened by this regressive and potentially destructive legislation. It seems they want to roll back the clock 150 years…

Our friend the Root River Siren has an excellent analysis here, so please read. In short, mine operators need not worry about notifying the public or the DNR of their intent to open a mine; they need not worry about the potential impacts on the environment, the surface waters or the water table, the local economies or the local communities; they need not worry about visits from regulatory agencies or other laws that may apply; and they need not worry about being sued over any malpractice — all checks and balances fought for over the decades to protect our land, our communities, our future will be swept away in the name of ‘jobs’ and ‘progress’. My wife literally wept when I described this to her.

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians has issued a strongly-voiced press release on this legislation, listing their many deep concerns, that you can also read here. Spread the word, join their voices, and speak up for those who cannot…


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