Recalls begin at 12.01 am tonight. GO.   Leave a comment

post by nathan k

So, we’re legally eligible to begin signing recall petitions at 12.01 am on Tuesday, November 15, and there are parties and get-togethers all over Wisconsin that aim to do just that. One such event is at the Wausau Recall Office located at 4404 Stewart Ave. If you can’t make it to that one, you can stop by that office during the day, or you can go to the Labor Temple located on the corner of Clark and N 3rd Ave. Remember that we are not only recalling Walker and Kleefisch, but also State Senator (*cough*) Pam Galloway. There will also be many other Recall events coming up, so stay tuned…
Scotty-boy and his buddies think this is all due to those crazy libs in ‘Madison’…let’s show ’em that this is OUR Wisconsin and we’re taking it back !!!


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