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Some good Q+A from the latest CWUC newletter. Some items are worded for teachers, but could be applied to your situation if considered more generally.


What is the timing for the petitions and election?
Petition drive commences November 15, 2011. Signatures must be delivered to GAB by Friday January 13, 2012. We expect the recall election to be scheduled in the spring of 2012.

Who is in charge of the petition gathering drive?
A nonpartisan political action committee called United Wisconsin is coordinating the petition gathering process. WEAC supports United Wisconsin’s efforts as well as the recall efforts of We Are Wisconsin.

How do I (and other members) get a petition?
Recall petitions can be downloaded from the United Wisconsin website ( on or after November 15. You can also request recall petitions from the CWUC office.

What do I need to do as a circulator?
The signatures must be personally gathered. Petitions may not be left somewhere unattended for interested people to sign.
When circulating petitions watch for the following:
1. Names are printed clearly and are easy to read.
2. All information is complete.
3. No P.O. Boxes. Only a physical address.
4. The printed name and signature are the same.
The circulator must sign and certify each petition page after all the signatures on the petition are gathered. Please turn in petitions to the CWUC office as you go. The office will send in the petitions. All petitions must be in the CWUC office no later than January 6, 2012.

Can we circulate petitions while on work time?
No. Circulation activities must be on your own time, as a volunteer effort.

Can we collect signatures on school property?
No. If you want to collect signatures at a union meeting, even from members, the best practice is to hold the meeting on nonschool property. You can do all other recall activities at union meetings on school property, such as discussing the recall, distributing recall petitions, training members to circulate the petitions, etc.

Can we collect signatures at or around school events if on public property?
Yes, as long as you are on public property—such as on the sidewalk, at a public park, etc.

What should I do if someone objects and asks me to leave?
Stay polite and professional. If asked to leave, do so. Call the CWUC office to report problems or concerns.

Can I (and other members) work on recall efforts with other unions and other independent groups?

Can we engage in recall-related activities on work time?
No. Members may not engage in these activities on work time.

Can I wear political items such as a “Recall Walker” button while working?
It is best not to do so. It is important to respect all viewpoints while on the job.

CWUC Newsletter


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