Republicans, Get Your Own Damn Parade !   2 comments

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Ok, really quick post, ’cause I’m running outta juice…
The Marathon County Central Labor Council, organizers of the Labor Day parade in Wausau say Republican lawmakers aren’t welcome in this year’s event. Now, Wausau’s mayor says the city will will pull financial support if Labor Day parade isn’t open to all.

Here’s where we take a stand and make our stand. Right here at home, on our home streets. Day after day after day, the Republicans stand with the law-breaking, tax-evading, job-outsourcing, environment-pillaging multi-national corporations, banks, and the uber-rich upper crust 1%, giving them the handouts, bailouts, loopholes and subsidies they neither need nor deserve, while the rest of us are asked to give more, and more, and more…

….and now, NOW they want — no, they DEMAND — to be in the working people’s parade. Well, ya know what ?


So here’s the event for the rest of us working people. We’d be honored to march alongside you…hope you can join us.

(thanks to Uppity Wisconsin’s Man MKE for the support, and for calling it like it is.)


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2 responses to “Republicans, Get Your Own Damn Parade !

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  1. You link to “here’s the event for the rest of us working people.” is broken.

    Nice read…thanks for keeping us informed.

    • Maria –
      Thanks for reading and for the kind words. Nice to see you have a blog about community and sustainability — those are things we value very much also !
      The link is to a Facebook event page, which you may not be able to see if you are not a member or logged in. Here’s the info :
      THE Labor Day Parade of Marathon County
      Monday 05 September · 15:30 – 18:30
      Location — 1st Avenue and West Wausau Avenue in the parking lot, Wausau, WI
      Have you heard? There’s going to be a Labor Day Parade in Wausau this weekend. We NEED to stand in solidarity with the Labor Council here, which has stood for all workers by thumbing their nose at the Republicans.
      Did you march in Madison? It’s even more important to march this Labor Day. Show your support. Rock this parade. We are the people and we have the power. With all this publicity, it is more important than ever to show our solidarity (especially considering the next round of recalls, and the fact that Pat Kreitlow, Duffy’s opponent, will be marching in the parade with the Democratic Party). Make no mistake about it people, this is getting state-wide attention, and our turn out will matter here.
      Middle Wisconsin will be walking behind our banner with some candy with contact information to hand out. If you have it, wear your t-shirt. If you march with another group in the parade, we’ll be happy to wave at you!

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