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i am not anybody special. i’m just one guy, from wisconsin. a state i was born in, a state i love.

i’m not a founding member of middle wisconsin…i’m not a union organizer. i’m not normally a person who says anything or who even shows my face. i’m just one little person. but i know right from wrong. i value truth. i value fairness. i value our communities, our natural resources. (i think you do, too.) and now that a minority of greedy people want to take those things i value away, tear them down, sell them off, i feel i must say something. i must stand up.

more and more of us are standing up. but we need you to stand up, too. we can’t fix this without you. the people who are trampling on our values are trying to make you afraid of standing up. they know that the only way they can take what is not theirs is if we do not stand up and say ‘no’. and that is why i am calling on you.

middle wisconsin, the group, is not something cooked up by outsiders, by people with money and power. middle wisconsin is just everyday people, like you and me. neighbors, from right here at home. and this is just the kind of group that can change things, because we are real and we care. i’m asking you to be a real part of this group. we need to stand up – in conversations, on sidewalks, in our communities. we need to act, we need to get moving. because the things we value are being stolen, and they’re slipping away.

middle wisconsin has some events coming up that you can help out with. we have a concert coming up soon on the 400 block here in wausau, where we will provide information on the new voter id law. we have voter canvassing and exit polling for our neighbor jim holperin, who is fighting to keep his state senate seat from a fringe tea-partier. we need people willing to stand up. if you’re reading this, *you* are middle wisconsin ! what can you do ? there is no need that is too small. it is not a cliche – there is power in numbers, and you can change things. just stand up. bring your neighbors, family and friends. even though i’m just one small person, i stood up, and started talking, and started getting out there. it feels good.

please stand up with me.

(post by nathan k)

Middle Wisconsin on Facebook
Concert for Voters – FB event page

Wausau's 400 Block Park, site of the upcoming Middle WI Concert For Voters


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