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things are changing. the old ways are becoming ineffective….the shell of the current system is crumbling. the media are fast becoming a dead-end. unified groups of arab youth and workers, toppling their corrupt rulers, are shown on the ‘news’, but the protests in our own city squares are not being heard by our own citizens because of a media system that has money as its prime motivator. the consumerist, capitalist system leads you to believe that you have the power of choice, but in reality it only tips the balance of money and power away from the many and toward the rich and powerful few. the old two-party system is ineffective, and is only a vehicle for further division amongst those who would be gathered under the banner of the common man. the rich and powerful seek to pit brother against brother, to sow confusion and animosity amongst us, in order to muddy and obscure the truth, to weaken our struggle for unity, and to then take everything for themselves. and yet, we are on the cusp of a new dawn. the time is right for reform and change…the people are ready for real reform and real change, not empty platitudes and empty promises.

we must become the new media, the new broadcasters, the new journalists, and spread the information that the corporate-run media will not. we must become a positive movement of real people, spurred by what is fundamentally right and good, and not spurred by corporate cash and lies. we must rally others to our side…those who are afraid to speak out, those who are unsure, but who are ready for real change. they will join us when they see that we are their neighbors, that we are even-keeled, that we are fair-minded, that we are many, that we are strong, that we control our own destiny, and that we can affect real change. as members of the working class, as the everyday citizens of this state, this country…we are the majority, and if we stand together and act together, we can make these things happen.

here and there, we may have to work within the shell of the old system in order to achieve our first victories, but eventually we will break free of this shell and transcend the boundaries and divisions that have been made for us and have kept us down. we can break the old system, we can break the power of the masters…we can make new ways and new connections, we can create a new system to replace the corrupt and broken system of old. we can create something new that is built on truth and goodwill, on hard work and on positively fueled ingenuity. we can build a new society, a new community…one that serves the best interests of mankind, and that values what is right and good over what can be bought and sold.

we can overcome the machinations of the powerful and reveal their messages as lies. they know that we are many and that we can bring them down if we are united. they fear us, and that is why they are redoubling their efforts to buy off all avenues of power, to divide the people and to distort the truth. we must strike while the iron is hot, we must act while time and momentum are on our side. they have great quantities of money, but we have great quantities of people. they have unquenchable greed, but we have unquenchable heart. they sow fear, but we can sow hope…and when we nourish that hope, we can reap strength from that hope in order to break down the doors that are shut to us and the walls that divide us. they seek to burn our government down, our society down, but we are made up of people who rescue, who investigate, who have the know-how to keep things working. they have never learned how to build, only destroy, as they have never given, only taken. but we can build…we are made up of people who build, who repair, who imagine, who teach, who create. they seek to divide us through our differences, but we can instead unite and make a difference. we must !

we can buy locally, from our neighbors, instead of buying from conglomerates that exploit cheap labor who toil in deplorable conditions halfway around the world. we can demand that our elected officials act in our best interests, by communicating with them and making sure that they understand what we want and need. If they refuse to listen, or refuse to act, we must replace them with representatives that will listen and act. we must spread the message of change, spread the information that would be suppressed by the fearmongers, and spread the powerful and positive feeling of solidarity and goodwill to our neighbors. if we do these things, we will prove that we really do share common ground despite what the powerful would have us believe, and we will become the vehicle for change itself. we can do this, and we must do this.

our children are counting on us to make these changes happen. their future depends on what we do now, in the face of this great and terrible power rising up before us. the earth calls out to us, its stewards, to protect it for generations to come. our ancestors beckon us from beyond the grave, to build upon the lessons they learned the hard way, to continue the struggles they fought hard for and died for, so that they shall not have done so in vain. we must stand up, we must act, we must fight ! we will undoubtedly suffer setbacks, and we will lose ground from time to time. but, we must share strength with one another, and pick each other up. ultimately we will persevere…if we stand together we can never be defeated.

by nathan k on Sunday, 10 April 2011


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