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The Wisconsin AFL-CIO has an extensively detailed account of the more serious transgressions against working families by Walker and Co.

The list is long, so I’ll just get to the point…

Losses to the Working Families of Wisconsin (pdf) – WI AFL-CIO

A quick synopsis:

This summary covers some of the major losses to the quality of life in Wisconsin for middle income and working class families during the early months of the Walker Administration. The extreme cuts made in the 2011-2013 Biennial State Budget will undermine Wisconsin’s economic recovery, degrade public education and decimate the middle class. Wisconsin has taken a giant step backwards under Governor Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature. Includes facts on the following:

Attacks on Worker Freedom and Protections
Transfer of More Wealth to Corporations & Rich Investors
Taxes Increased for Low-Income Wisconsinites
Massive Cuts to Public Education, Yet More Taxpayer Funds for Private Schools
Limits in Health Care Coverage
Harm to Local Government and its Vital Services
Power Grab: Loss of Balanced, Clean and Open Government
Job Loss Due to Rejection of Federal Rail Funds
New Legislative District Maps Rigged to Benefit Republicans

One last note from me – the amount of hurt being put on Wisconsin’s working families means that we must join together as one big family in order to stop this. Find a way to inform that confused and unsure friend or coworker. Find a way to get through to that traditional Republican relative. Because these policies don’t help any of us on the bottom – red, blue, or in-between – they only help the guys already on top.


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5 responses to “Litany of Pain

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  1. I’m sure it must have been that you had to take a quick break and were surely going to return to finish your ‘last note’. Because I’m absolutely sure you meant to also add a ‘last word’


  2. What about the freedom of not being forced to be in a union due to closed shop laws! Oh that can’t be a freedom – not to a union boss hack that needs your dues to play golf and funnel money to the democrats.

    • oh…you poor, misguided soul. i’m not even in a union. and you’ve been misled, because we’re all in this together, friend. but that’s ok, we’ll leave a place open for you for when you come to your senses.

    • …and i’m curious, ‘anonymous’…why are you here ? why have you come here, with your canned, empty talking points ? this is a Progressive blog, focused on local and state politics and issues here in WI. you are obviously not a Progressive. i can’t imagine spending my free time posting comments to a reactionary right-wing blog. you’re not going to change our minds, and we probably won’t change yours, at least not anytime soon. so why are you so concerned with us ? perhaps you’re a paid troll. if that’s the case, kindly tell the koch brothers that they’re wasting their money.
      as a group, we’re concerned with how this governor and this legislature are taking money from our communities, our schools, and funneling it towards the multinational tax-evading corporations who have written the legislation to benefit themselves and have funded the Repub’s slick and deceitful campaigns. we believe that our communities should be strong, and that we must fight to keep them strong in the face of this illegal and immoral transfer of wealth and resources. i’m sure your mind won’t be changed until it is too late for you and yours. but as i said, we will hold a place for you, because you are on the same side as us…you just don’t know it yet. the obscenely wealthy and powerful ultimately have no use for you, but we do. when you finally awaken, we will welcome you with forgiveness and open arms.

  3. I am very proud to be a part of MW. Looking out for the well being of the middle class is very noble.

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