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Here’s a video describing someone’s visit to the DMV for a voter ID. She finds that they will not ask you if you need the free voter ID, they need you to ask them. And then you need to check a little box. Otherwise, you’ll shell out $28. (Poll tax, anyone ?) Watch the video for more details, as it brings things into focus…this is what you’ll be in for.

The proponents of the new laws say that this will stop voter fraud. In reality, voter fraud is extremely rare. What the new laws will do, however, is cause much confusion at the polls and cause honest voters to turn away. The problems are described here, along with these statistics:

Identifying the key groups that do not have a current Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID card:

23% of persons aged 65 and older

17% of white men and women

55% of all African American males

49% of all African American women
46% of Latino men
59% of Latina women
78% of African American males age 18-24
66% of African American women age 18-24

…not to mention that current student IDs do not meet valid ID requirements. Couple all this with the partisan squabbling happening everywhere, and the general feeling of helplessness that’s created, and this has a chilling effect on voter turnout.

All the more reason to make sure you attend the Middle Wisconsin Concert for Voters, in order to get all the info ! Sunday August 14 on the 400 Block in downtown Wausau – hope to see you there !


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One response to “Video – ‘Obtaining a Voter ID at the DMV’

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  1. If they were willing to give a free voter ID, they should be telling people about it! The way they are handling this is WRONG!

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