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Incredible news today, as the Center for Media and Democracy has just rolled out a new website called ALEC Exposed. With information culled from roughly 800 obtained documents, the site reveals the stunning depth of influence on legislation by deep-pocketed special interests. A special section on ALEC in Wisconsin shows in great detail how the organisation has influenced lawmaking right here in our home state. Most troubling is the way that gift laws and lobbying laws are skirted or disregarded in their dealings with our elected representatives. Incredibly wealthy and powerful multinationals and Dominionist religio-political think-tanks represented by ALEC end up with unlimited access to our legislators and the legislative process…the kind of access that us regular citizens could never possibly attain. Couple that with their decades of efforts and their deep roots in our lawmaking system and it is almost impossible to imagine how we might stop such a force. This is why we must shine a bright light on this activity, in hopes that we can begin to reveal to others their undue influence, their sinister and greedy agenda, and the staggering level of corruption. Only then will we begin to slow the damaging onslaught against democracy, fairness, transparency and accountability that ALEC, their ultra-rich sponsors, and their paid-for spineless lawmaker pawns are waging. Let the light in and spread the news !!!


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