Partisan Politics Comes to Your Corner Bar…   1 comment

...of course you know, this means war !

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First, they came for the unions…then they came for the schools…then they came for the beer…and boy did people wake up then! In support of Wisconsin’s microbreweries, under attack from stifling legislation, local pubs dumped Miller/Coors beers – a Walker supporter and proponent of the legislation – down the drain. But wait – here’s a local Tavern League member getting into the mix…

‘Due to their recent attacks on the Tavern League of Wisconsin, we will no longer be carrying products brewed by New Glarus Brewing Company.

The Tavern League of Wisconsin leads the battle every day to protect your rights as a consumer of alcoholic beverages. It is our feeling that any organization that attacks and not applauds these efforts should not be supported.’

That’s the word from longtime Wausau establishment The Chatterbox Bar, as posted on their facebook page. They claim they’re standing up for you, but the bottom line is that this legislation is good for the big boys – the Tavern League and Miller/Coors – and bad for small business. Even ultra-conservatives like state senator Glenn Grothman and Wausau’s imported Walker puppet Pam Galloway think it’s bad. What do you say, Middle Wisconsinites?

Politics and Pints:Something to Chatter about – Jim Rosenberg’s Blog


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One response to “Partisan Politics Comes to Your Corner Bar…

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  1. I say I have no problem not giving my business to The Chatterbox or Bud or Miller or any other Big Box soul sucker that wants only profits from me. If you take some time to research the good folks at New Glarus and sample their world class beer, then the answer is clear: Support Local, Drink Yokel!

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